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Psychology, Counselling & Hypnotherapy Services

Dr Alan Fox has been providing Psychology, Counselling and Hypnotherapy services for more than 20 years in Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand. He is a general psychologist, a trained teacher (primary/secondary/tertiary) and educational psychologist.

Alan provides a full range of psychological services to both children and adults including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, psycho education, counselling and hypnosis. He provides treatment for (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, addictions, pain management, relationship and emotional issues.

As an educational psychologist Alan also sees complex child problems such as autism and child psychiatric issues.

Alan can provide assessment reports for court as well as drug and alcohol treatment/assessment. He is experienced with DVA, VVCS, Workcover and Transport Accident provisions.

Please feel free to contact Alan to discuss your individual requirements.

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