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Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) Services

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool in assisting with therapy, for a range of problems. Most Hypnotherapy treatments are of short duration.

For simple habit problems only one to four sessions are required. More complex habits may require five sessions or more. If extensive or complex therapy is required, the number of sessions will be planned in advance.

The First Session

When attending the first session, just come along yourself and be prepared to state what it is that you want help with. Alan will then explain how the Hypnotherapy is carried out and how it will be used with your situation. You will be told what you are likely to be doing and feeling during the session.

Common effects are explained and your consent is obtained before proceeding further. After the first session, most people are quite relaxed, happy although a little vague. You should allow at least 15 minutes after the session before driving a car.

Generally Hypnotherapy is regarded as a pleasant experience, time passes very quickly. Clients are usually clearly aware of what is being said to them. The treatment involves no physical touching.

Success Rates

As with all treatments, success rates vary with the individual, nature of the problem, and history. The majority of people find Hypnotherapy very effective, with respect to their presenting problems.

Common treatment areas:

Alcohol (drinking problems)
Anger management
Angina Pectoris
Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis)
Blushing (flushing)
Body temperature control
Bruxism (tooth grinding & TMJ problems)
Childbirth preparation
Drug addiction
Easing someone from your mind
Goal accomplishment
High blood pressure
Nail biting
Pain control
Pre-operative preparation
Problem solving
Public speaking
Study habits and exam anxiety
Self-esteem and confidence
Sexual response (frigidity, erectile dysfunction)
Weight management

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